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HI, this is Coach Nel. I am a CCA-certified life coach who specializes in empowerment and emotional intelligence coaching. I work with WORKING PROFESSIONALS to help them become more CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS, PURPOSEFUL, DISCIPLINED, MOTIVATED, and COMMITTED as they work towards ACHIEVING THEIR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS!



Here's what we can do:

• We will clarify your goal and motivation, moving you closer to your dreams.

• We will evaluate your present condition in contrast to your desired outcome.

• We will uncover the barriers that can potentially hinder you from moving forward and find ways to resolve them.

• I will support you in creating an attainable and sustainable plan to achieve your goal.

• I will support you in implementing your plan, keep you accountable and motivated, and find relevant resources necessary to achieve your goal.

• We will review your progress and analyze the possible adjustments needed until you achieve the result you hope for.


I'm looking forward to working with you!

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