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Hi! This is Nel Gamba. I’m a freelance photographer and artist based in Tokyo Japan.


Born and raised in the Philippines. In my twenties, I moved in Singapore and lived there until 2016. I am blessed to meet an amazing Japanese woman whom the reason why I moved in Japan. Now we are married and currently living in the beautiful city of Tokyo with our son.

I'm passionate in meeting new faces, knowing their story and taking part in creating their memories. Each moment creates a unique memory, it passes by in a flick of a finger and comes only once in a lifetime. I love capturing those moments! Preserving them as raw as possible and immortalizing them in the form of photographs.

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I have a special day coming. I want to book a photoshoot.


I like your Art. I want to buy a digital copy and print.


Your art is so cool! I want a print on my shirt, hoodies and accessories. 



Tel: +81-080-2396-4614

Email: nelgambaphoto@gmail.com

Shibuya Tokyo Japan

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