About Nel Gamba

Hi! This is Runnel. I’m a freelance photographer based in Tokyo Japan specializing in Portrait photography. I create true to life photograph.

Born and raised in the Philippines. In my twenties, I moved in Singapore and lived there until 2016. I am blessed to meet an amazing Japanese woman whom the reason why I moved in Japan. Now we are married and currently living in the beautiful city of Tokyo with our son.

For me Photography is where I can express myself and be part of other people’s life. I find it fascinating to meet new faces, knowing their story and taking part in creating their memories. This is what I learned being a photographer - each moment creates a unique memory, It passes by in a flick of a finger and comes only once in a life time. As a photographer it is my mission to capture those moments as natural as possible, true to life! Preserving raw emotion, Immortalizing them in the form of photographs.

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Tel: +81-080-2396-4614

Email: nelgambaphoto@gmail.com


Hatagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan

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